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THE MILLION UNDERSCORES is an experimental theater company based in Brooklyn under the artistic direction of Nicolas Noreña. Founded in Summer 2013  the company has developed alongside a qualitative study of numbers, and experiments in aesthetic drive, abstract composition, and collaborative writing.

We make highly visual and physical eccentric theater works that interrogate the action and the form of theater.

We value every element of performance as an independent voice. Through density, multi-directionality and juxtaposition we generate fields for the audience to notice, think and reify modes of perception, organization and understanding.














NICOLAS NOREÑA (Artistic Director) is a Colombian theater maker and performer based in Brooklyn. He has worked with Richard Foreman, Mary Overlie, The Talking Band, Jess Barbagallo, and Object Collection among others. He is the artistic director of THE MILLION UNDERSCORES. Through this company he has developed, produced, directed and designed over fifteen original productions that have been presented in spaces such as The Museum of Modern Art, Theater Flamboyan, Triskelion Arts, The Brick Theater, Target Margin Theater, O.D.C San Francisco, as well as in galleries and public spaces in New York. 

He was a LEIMAY fellow 2015-2020,  LAB  artist with Target Margin Theater in 2019 and was a resident artist with MABOU MINES 2015-2016 and Mercury Store 2023. 

Nicolas currently teaches at the Experimental Theater Wing in New York University, and is the archive director of the Mary Overlie Legacy Project. 

TIMOTHY SCOTT (Associate Artistic Director)  is a Brooklyn based performer and a founding member of THE MILLION UNDERSCORES. He has worked with Richard Foreman, Mary Overlie, Object Collection, Ernesto Pujol and Jess Barbagallo. He has been a part of thirteen productions created and performed by The Million Underscores. His work within the company includes performing, writing, directing, producing and designing.  

Timothy was a LEIMAY fellow from 2015-2020, a LAB artist with Target Margin Theater in 2019 and is currently teaching Six Viewpoints independently at Studio Maya.  



Erin Mullin 

Hannah Gross 

Ethan Fishbane

Marija Kovačević 

Alessandro Magania

Yuki Kawahisa

Tanya Marquardt

Paul Langland

Sophia Treanor

Ryan Williams Downey

Alenka Kraigher

Madison Mayer 

Geo Kester 

Rebecca Bird 

Madeline Barr

Johana Stone

Daniel Allen Nelson

Runn Shayo

Caitlin Hargraves

Jade Fusco 

Lizzy Denning

Yulai Fan 

Daisy Long

Robin Margolis

Lal Ensari



Pooh Kaye, Travis Just, Theresa Buchheister, Ximena Garnica

Kiley Olsen

Gili Nir

Thomas Skea

Michelle Uranowitz

Ell Peck

David Bernstein 

Austin Thompson 

Elpetha Tsivicos  

Maggie Mcdowell

Cecilia Leal 

Rebecca Kushner

Alex Franz Zehetbauer 

Sam Lassiter

Hudson Rhotenberry

Sophie Bossart 

Derya Celikkol 

Zachary Luke

Isabella Uzcategui- Matos 

Lizzie Kehoe

Aryan Rad

Jon Fusco 

Heather Thiry

Kelsey Larsen

Camilo Quiroz Vasquez 

Maria de la Torre 

Jose Miranda 

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