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24 hours and 9 ghosts. A Series of LONG SHOTS 

ONLINE starting April 4 2022


During the course of the next three years year we will perform, film and release 33 long continuos cinematic shots ranging from 8 minutes to 216 minutes. Each long shot will be broadcasted only once at very specific hours on Mondays. This is an enormous experiment in form, chance and change. A big collaboration with Time. For information on how to tune in, join our mailing list and follow us on instagram. 

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Invisible Theater- The Lake

October 2021

Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

The second part of  INVISIBLE THEATER: The Lake. 

In this version the entire group will not know the totality of the score that will be performed. 

We play with the corners of perception, and the membrane of differentiation and unity. Where is the audience? in the passersby? in the performers? in the invited guests trying to find the performers? 

We  continue to experiment with  the edges of performance in this five part site and time specific performance in Prospect Park. 

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Invisible Theater- The Garden 

April 20, 22, 27, 29 May 4 and 6  @5:30pm

Sasaki Garden, Manhattan NY

(this is something Mary Overlie and I talked about and it is something she used to do with her students. We talked about playing with this idea but never came up with scores... I asked her if she could write about it... but to my knowledge she didn't. This is in her honor. Dedicated to her, with love. )


The idea is: 

-to play with the degree of visibility of a performance in the public space. 

-so that a minimal performance very subtly transforms the space into an invisible theater. 

-for the performers... in a way... it is about studying the edges of performance by trying to make performance invisible... blend in the environment.... allowing it to dissolve into daily life. 

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July 2020 Delhi, NY

As the theater has momentarily disappeared as a medium due to the pandemic we push performance into the horizon. Four performers, quarantining together, worked for three weeks in an open field investigating the medium of film and its intersection with bodies and nature. Performing as far away as possible from the camera, our bodies on camera match the size of insects, birds, and grass moving.

We shared edited footage from the laboratory in Out Of An Abundance Of Caution in July 2020. 


A Failed Performance  
November 24th 2018 12pm-4pm @CAVE 


This month we will be reading a series of Daniil Kharms short plays including: 

A Failed Performance, Lapa, The Fall, or, the Knowledge of good and Evil, Elisavetha Bam, The Telegram, (AMERICA), and (THE SAND).  

for more information email



One of Those Strange Electrical Things Between People 
October 27th 2018 12pm-4pm @CAVE 


This month we will be reading a series of TENNESSEE WILLIAMS short plays including: 

Mr. Paradise, Summer at the Lake, The Pink Bedroom, The Palooka, Adam and Eve on a Ferry, The Fat Man's Wife, Why do you smoke so much Lily?, and Now all the Cats with Jeweled Claws.  

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A Study in Narrative through the Metaphor of Tone 



My hypothesis is that there is a very elemental part of narrative that is in fact very abstract. it is composed of changes in tone, combinations of intervals, creations of keys and modulations, very much like music. 

The question is how to play a key onstage? How to generate tone? how to modulate?

The idea is to develop knowledge in a socratic way, in the sense that we feed our questions into performance, responding to performance with performance, in an attempt to trace the way we understand logic and narrative. 





The Number Project 2014


For the past four years I've been working on an investigation I call the number project. Throughout this time I have been researching the relationship between number and performance, that first originated through a series of questions like, what is left if number is stripped from its practical value, from its utility? What happens when we begin engaging with numbers based on their qualitative features instead of its quantitative ones? What is the quality of 1? where is its nature? how does it differ from 2? 3? or 0?What dynamics does 6 offer that 7 doesn't? Do we share these notions of numbers? are they personal? are they cultural? are they temporal? can we translate into our physicality the quality and nature of these numbers? Can we create a performative language based on the embodiment of logic? 


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