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PHOTOS: Gaia Squarci



Directed by Nicolás Noreña 

Written by Nicolás Noreña & Timothy Scott

Cast: Madeline Barr, Ryan William Downey, Ethan Nicholas Fishbane, Yuki Kawahisa*, Marija Kovačević, Alenka Kraigher*, Daniel Allen Nelson*, Timothy Scott, Runn Shayo, and Johanna Stone.


Scenic Designer: Nicolás Noreña Lighting Designer: Ashley L. Kok Sound Engineer: Matt Coggins Stage Manager: Bria Robinson Production Managers: Sarah George & Becca Plunkett Technical Director: Dylan Bartlett Associate Producer: Frank Nicholas Poon Production Interns: Micaela Brinsley, Matt Jacobs, Sylvie Nelson, Ryan Sansiviero, Payson Whitwell

1001SUR was presented as part of Target Margin Theater's News of the StrangeLab in June 2019.

This production was presented with the generous support of the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Chinese stories told in India, later told in Persia, compiled in Syria, later recompiled in Egypt, to be later translated into French, then into many many languages including English and Spanish, is what we call in Colombia Las Mil y Una Noches. Along its incredible and intricate journey this group of tales collected new stories, changed in tone, multiplied, integrated stories from other cultures, was forgotten, inspired new works, was misunderstood; was told, retold, written, translated, rewritten; it transformed fantasies, and migrated in time all over the world. However no matter when and where the main story is always the same: The wrath and cruelty of a violent king is softened over 1001 nights by the stories, courage, cunning and wisdom of Shahrazad. It is a story made up of a cacophony of stories, it is a deep well of meanings, themes, and styles, but ultimately it is a story about the transformative power of empathy — of imagining outside of our own experiences. This piece is an interrogation of exoticism, an exploration of transcultural fantasies, an ode to imagination. Welcome to 1001SUR. 

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