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1,2,3...HAWAII FEVER! 


Directed by: Nicolas Noreña 

with: Heather Thiry,  Jon Fusco, Caitlin Hargraves, Zachary Luke, Thomas Skea, and Gili Nir  

camera: Andy Zoe 

Constant flux: A room with two fridges three stove-ovens, a dishwasher, some blinds, some bathtubs, a broken sink, no windows, a mirror, envelopes with hundred dollar bills, postacards from Hawaii, a stolen painting by a famous artist, high heels,  a man and a woman with neck braces, arm slings, leg casts,and head bands. Is her lover coming today? 

1,2,3...HAWAII FEVER! was broadcasted in episodes through during 2015. The whole movie was projected at 1117 Manhattan ave during Greenpoint Open Studios in 2015. 

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