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directed by Nicolas Noreña 

written by Nicolas Noreña, Timothy Scott and Erin Mullin 

performed by Erin Mullin and Timothy Scott 

advisor: JoAnne Akalaitis 

A theatrical fugue for two actors about ancient memories, paradox and the division into the sexes; They were, or they weren't / On an island, or no island / an ocean, or not an ocean / swallowed them up, or not. A man and a woman roam a small confined space, unable to percieve each other, perhaps able to perceive each other, peacefully stuck. The piece loops until every audience member, at their own will, leaves the theater. A meteor fell / or no meteor / A volcano exploded / or no volcano / someone summoned something / or nothing was called / in this Atlantis / or no place  

(8) Memories of this Atlantis, or No Place was partly developed through Mabou Mines/SUITE Resident Artis Program 2015- 2016 and was presented at The Clemente Soto-Velez Cultural Center in June 2016 


PHOTOS:  Felipe Piedrahita 2015 , Michelle Uranowitz 2016, Daniel Jaffe 2016 

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