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 The Million Underscores_ _ presents  

THE PASSERBY, or not__ even___anything



Directed by: Nicolás Noreña

with: Timothy Scott, Marija Kovačević, Yuki Kawahisa, Madison Mayer,

Geo Kester, and Rebecca Bird

set: Nicolás Noreña and Timothy Scott 

track by: MKNN 



Performances August 27 and 28

At Tomato Mouse , located in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn

301 Saratoga Avenue, Brooklyn NY .



After a year and a half after closing LAPA on the onset of the pandemic, The Million Underscores is proud to invite you to THE PASSERBY, or Not__even___anything. 


THE PASSERBY, or not __ even __ anything is a silent twelve track performance album inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s Gallery Paintings. The piece is a combination of choreography, pedestrian movement and highly technical tableaus that interfere with the normal time signatures that audiences' attentions are accustomed to in the theater. Constructed through spacial-izations of Oskar Schlemmer’s highly formal paintings, and experimental compositions in the electromagnetic energy of the performers, the album transforms every time it is performed through a series of rigorous chance operations.

In a constant experiment with entropy, form, and energy we use non-sequitur and non sensical action to jolt the mind into awareness of a truth outside of the pale ordinary logic. . Not- Even- Anything is what taoist philosopher Chang Tzu called a “space” or state of being in which people live freely from narrow identities and dwell in all time and place.

 The Passerby was presented at Tomato Mouse after a two week residency. It was developed with funds from City Artist Corps Grants. 



PHOTOS: José Miranda

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