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We are very excited and proud to invite you to LAPA. We open on March 11th and run through the 22nd (one month from now!) Tickets are now available here

This run brings The Million Underscores a few firsts: It’s the first time we have a two week run in a theater, and it’s the first time we are performing a pre-existing text.

LAPA was written in Russian by the poet and playwright Daniil Kharms in 1930. If you are unfamiliar with his work, absolutely check it out. His work is mysterious, hilarious, strange and perplexingly beautiful. LAPA was a play written for his notebook, and never performed. Its life today is very powerful and addresses the moment when meaning departs from language, authority and self.  

There is more information about the play and ticketing below, we hope to see you there.

LAPA is a mesmerizing language machine for the theater following Landman’s journey to pluck a newly formed star called Agam The Swan: “whoever tears down this star may choose to be freed from dreaming.” Treating language with the material curiosity of early abstract artists LAPA exposes the border of language and sound, of poetry and meaning. The Million Underscores stage this genre-bending work, modulating between visual composition, soundscape, performance, and choreography, to emphasize the distance between words, objects, sound, and the body.  Amidst Industrialization, the human ability to reach beyond the terrestrial, and a decrepit heaven, LAPA is a ballad for the end of dreaming.


Produced by The Million Underscores_ _ and The Brick Theater 

Written by: Daniil Kharms 

Directed by: Timothy Scott and Nicolás Noreña

Translation from Russian: C. Dylan Basset and Emma Winsor Wood

Featuring: Hannah Gross, Marija Kovačević, Alessandro Magania, Madison Mayer, Erin Mullin, Nicolás Noreña and Timothy Scott 

Music by: Marija Kovačević and Ethan Philbrick 


Assistant Director: Madison Mayer 

Lighting Design: Daisy Long 

Scenic Design: Nicolás Noreña 

Poster design: Emma Berliner 


Performances are March 11,12,13,14, 18, 19, 20 and 21 at 8pm

And March 15, and 22 at 4pm

At The Brick Theater, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn AT 579 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211. Admission is $20

LAPA was developed during the 2019-2020 LEIMAY Fellowship at CAVE, Brooklyn, NY

hope to see you there! 

Much love, 
Nico and Tim 

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