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PHOTOS: Jose Miranda 


THOSE MOVEABLE PIECES by The Million Underscores__-127.jpg

Created and Performed by Timothy Scott and Nicolás Noreña 


Premiered at WE ARE HERE as part of The Exponential Festival January 11-14 2024 .

light design: Daisy Long

sound design: Robin Margolis

assistant to the directors and assistant sound designer: Lal Ensari

technical assistant and box office: Deniz Demikurt

THOSE MOVEABLE PIECES is a playful and intimate study of physical forms like a slow dance, a workout sequence, a slapstick routine, a beauty regiment, a superstitious ritual. Taking physical languages that codify daily doings of the body we deconstruct their typical formats and bring them into strange and distorted versions of themselves revealing narratives these forms carry within them and characters crashing against a codified world. Set in a warehouse with moveable seating the audience will establish for themselves the angle and proximity to the action of the performance.

We developed THOSE MOVEABLE PIECES as a modular piece that can be re-ogranized, and rearranged in different spaces. The show is so malleable that the structure and the sequence of the parts will change completely depending on the space it is presented. If you have a space and are curious please write to us. 


Sara Holdren Vulture 

"a horny, confusing and ultimately transcendent dissection of our absurd human existence."

Joey Sims

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