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written by: Daniil Kharms


 scored by: Timothy Scott and Nicolas Noreña

directed by: Timothy Scott


designed by: Nicolas Noreña 

with: Arian Rad, Kelsey Larsen, Michelle Uranowitz


additional voices: Hannah Gross, Ruby Rogers 

Although large sections of Lapa consist of text verse,

it is not a traditional poetic drama, nor a "stage poem" in the manner of the
symbolists and the Czech surrealists. The verse fragments are interspersed with
dialogues, prose narration, and drawings. Like other textual and visual sections of the
play, the verses, prose, and dialogue in Lapa do not define the genre of the piece to
which they belong. The origin of this play is not to be found entirely in poetry, nor in
theatre, nor in literature. Like other Kharms's texts, it doesn't belong to a genre, and
neither does it produce a genre. The writing itself in Lapa is limited to its present
function within the text.

Branislav Jokovljevic

 LAPA will be presented in March 2020 as part of the inaugural season of The Brick 2020. 



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