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written and directed by: Nicolas Noreña


created with: Timothy Scott and Tanya Marquardt

choreography: Tanya Marquardt and Nicolas Noreña

projections: Timothy Scott and Nicolas Noreña 

It could begin all in darkness

or a man looking straight into a big hole.


Big important image.


It could be the title of the movie, the poster for it.

It’s an image that says,

this is what this story is about.


We never see the man fall into the hole,

we never see the hole as we see it now, ten seconds in,

We maybe don’t even see the man again.


This is some kind of homoerotic film-noir,

some kind of allegory

some kind of surreal vision.


It begins all in darkness

The Third Man was presented intimately at CAVE home of LEIMAY in 2018 and 

at Vital Joint during the 2019 Exponential Festival. 




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