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PHOTOS: Jose Miranda 

The Observatory


Created and Performed by Hannah Gross, Timothy Scott, Erin Mullin and Nicolás Noreña 


The Observatory. 3,2,1...BLAST OFF!




The Observatory. OUT OF THIS WORLD.

O.D.C. San Francisco

AUGUST 19 7:30 PM



The Observatory has been developed and performed at The Brick Theater, CHASHAMA, Movement Research, ODC San Francisco, Triskelion Arts and Studio Maya. .

"I want to call the craft behind The Observatory magic or science fiction, but really it was an expert manipulation of sound, light, objects, and bodies in space." -- Emily Hansel ODCDaneStories

"nascent odd and wonderful- witty, celestial, political and totally unpredictable…" -- KT Nelson founder of ODC

The Observatory is a series of one off performance experiments at the intersection of installation, dance and theater, inquiring into humanity's vastly multifaceted relationship with outer space and the long history of changes and shifts it's had through the ages.

 Developed and presented in discrete chapters throughout venues in New York City over the past six years, the piece continuously shifts genres, and performative logics, playing with the limits of the audiences’ perception and imagination. From lunar landings to interplanetary sex, alien ballets to Babylonian texts, from the dramas of 16th century Renaissance scientists to the astronomy hot line of Walter Mercado, the show journeys "where no man has gone before"! 

The performers manipulate all the lights, sound , objects and sets from onstage as well as mix improvisation and tightly choreographed material with a constant interest in change and the process of perceptual and conceptual reorganization.

With an enduring curiosity for the boundless and the gargantuan, THE MILLION UNDERSCORES_ _ have begun to send this piece into missions beyond NYC, starting with their first out of town engagement at O.D.C. San Francisco in August 2022. 

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